Graduate recruiting agencies are great tools for college students who recently just finished at a college or university. 


In this dynamic job market, it's very hard to find the right job vacancies at a good company.  Few companies post only jobs internally or post them only through recruitment agencies and job boards.  Recruitment agencies were once considered as a simple way out for fresh graduates.  However, of recently they have been considered quality resources for job seekers and employers.  Graduate recruiting agencies hire recruiters those who utilize their skills to place every registered graduate in a good company.  Agencies make the placement process simpler for both the job seeker as well as the company which hires.


As a matter of fact, CandCsearch told us that while there are lot positive aspects of recruitment agencies, one short fall however is, that too many agencies post the same opening.  These job vacancies are too often one and the same vacancies which you will find on common job boards.  The major reason that these openings are posted on multiple agencies is that the hiring company prefers to widen the search potential instead of routing it through single window resources of just 1-2 agencies.


While maybe it's quite frustrating to see the same old job posted in several places and on multiple agency sites, you can use this to your advantage. Repeat job postings could lead you to various agencies.  While it's good to focus on only one recruitment agency during your job search, it also doesn't hurt to check out other agencies and there is nothing wrong in doing so. Fresh graduates must keep their options open and take advantage of searching through alternate agencies.  Only if you are willing to keep your options open, you can stand a chance to get placed well on a job.


Using a graduate recruitment agency to find other recruitment agencies may seem counterproductive but, will offer you more information.  For instance, if you are searching for a marketing related job and your current recruitment company isn't able to provide you with any leads, a different recruitment organization may have lot of related openings.  If you are following a repeat job posting link to a new recruitment company, have a look around and see what all services they have to offer and what job openings have they posted.


Additionally, go through "Information" or About US" sections of each of these agency websites.  They'll very often include links to agency partners, subsidiaries, or alternate locations. Some of these alternate or subsidiaries locations specialize in staffing activities in specific industries or locations.  Many employment agencies are spread across several geographical locations whereas few only focus on advertising, marketing and administrative activities work and leave more scientific and technical based tasks to other agencies by way of outsourcing.


Recruiters too often offer fresh graduates with lots of information on job seeking/searching process, like blogs, telephone hotlines, brochures and newsletters.  These generally include information on where to find other recruiting agencies.  Graduate recruitment agencies are generally closely interlinked.  However, it's simple to discover which recruiting agencies would be ideal for your preferred location, skill set, and job sector or education background and job passion.


Graduate recruitment agencies are a wonderful way to break into the job market. For new graduates, it's important to know all available resources.