Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Psoriasis? Several institutes and naturopaths gave this question all the possible answers between "yes" and "no". How does the TCM address psoriasis? The great influence of the philosophers Laotse and seborrheic dermatitis scalp shampoo Kungfutse has resulted in traditional Chinese medicine having determined the thinking and actions of the Chinese for thousands of years. Written scholars have documented in detail how successful the doctors were in the past. This traditional approach is currently being practiced at ten percent of Chinese hospitals.

Traditional Chinese medicine assumes that every organ of man has its own life energy (Qi, spoken Chi). This Qi flows through energy channels (meridians) through certain access points throughout the body. Disease shows that an organ system either gets too much or too little energy. If the energy flow on an organ is disturbed, this can be seen at every part of the body through which the corresponding meridian flows. Logically, therefore, this blocking can be canceled again at each of these access points along the meridian. For example by acupuncture exactly at these points.

The therapy is intended to solve the blockage of a certain energy channel and restore the balance as much as possible. Nevertheless, it remains a never-attained ideal of man that yin and yang are perfectly harmonious in his body, mind, and soul. In the case of a disease, a distinction is made between whether it indicates a deficiency of Yin or Yang. Yin is male, dynamic, active, warm, hot, etc best treatment for seborrheic dermatitis on face. Yang is female, substantial, passive, cold, etc. An illness shows too much Yin with fever, red face, restlessness, strong odors of the exudates, red tongue and fast, rushing Pulse.

It means too much Yang in freezing, pallor, languor, large amounts of odorless excretions, pale tongue and firm, deep, leisurely pulse. There are external causes such as wind, cold, summer heat, moisture, drought or embers. Or the disease comes from the inside through pleasure, anger, worry, grief, fear or fright. Whoever is in this tradition, there is no "pure" skin disease. Disorders on the skin are regarded as disturbances on the organs, which are expressed only at this point of the body. The primary causes are not the skin appearances, but the lungs or colon, which are responsible for skin and hair.

"Chinese medicine does not have a single cause for skin diseases," says Dimmling. "An illness is like a tree. The roots are found in the roots, but we see only a system of branches (symptoms, symptoms) seborrheic dermatitis cure permanent. In the diagnosis, (holistic) indications are sought in body, mind and soul. This is the only way to determine which organ is associated with a disease. Only those who look at the entire human being will learn how Yin and Yang behave with each other.