Roughly over the thumb, Friedrich Dilling is targeting 500 euros for a treatment series. Half is sufficient to determine whether Chinese medicine works with a patient. "Whoever treats sensibly, also sees that it remains affordable for his patient." Warning of self-treatment Chinese medicine is not suitable for treatment "at home" at home seborrheic dermatitis hair loss recovery. "Chinese herbs are much more effective than the" normal "herbs," explains Friedrich Dimmling. To go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a few Chinese herbs should be difficult: "A reputable pharmacy does not sell the herbs to any customer, but requires a prescription from the therapist - for example, from the healing practitioner," Dimmling said.

From time to time, media reports of deaths occur after taking Chinese herbs. For this, Friedrich Dimmling gives an all-clear: "These were then wild mixtures, not clean and good Chinese herbs in a reasonable dosage." Original Chinese therapists or "herbal mixers" seborrheic keratosis removal like to mix strange mixtures - already sometimes with cortisone. Where does Chinese medicine come from, where does it go? The traditional Chinese medicine originated in the years 2698 to 2589 before Christ. After that, she was further developed in family tradition, among scholars or in imperial medical offices.

The Bible of traditional Chinese medicine is called "The Questions of the Yellow Emperor". It is also quite old: from 475 to 225 BC several people wore their wisdom together. The second most important work is a treatise on diseases caused by cold. It was "on the market" about 200 BC. From the latter work Friedrich Dilling draws the most - about three quarters - of his recipes. Overall, there are more than 6,000 entries in Chinese medicine's list of medicines. These are predominantly roots, fruits, barks, twigs. Each drug has been classified once, whether it is "cold", "warm", "hot", etc., and on which tracts it acts.

The doctor or curative practitioner who wants to use Chinese medicine can not do so just to have another field of income: Dilling knows: "Chinese medicine is based on spiritual things, on Daoism. This also requires the doctor to identify with Chinese medicine seborrheic dermatitis hair loss recovery. Here, Chinese medicine is a supplement to school medicine. When the doctor says he does not know any more, and sends the patient to the psychologist, the hour of Chinese medicine has come.