Are you looking for legit essay writing service? it widens the mind of a person and opens new avenues of thinking. No matter what sort of writing it is, it will always add to your knowledge and prove helpful, especially essay writing. Essays are an integral part of almost every person’s life. When you are a student, you are given essays to test your writing skills, and if you are a teacher, you are supposed to write essays to show essay samples to your students. I have always enjoyed writing essays, as they encourage you to dig deep into things and look for facts and figures regarding the topic. Essays have been divided into various categories, however, the following four main categories can be used for more clarity:

  • Descriptive Essays
  • Narrative Essays
  • Expository Essays
  • Argumentative Essays

Expository Essays

Coming towards the first and foremost type of essays, the expository essay is one that consists of only facts. These essays urge the cheap essay writing service  to probe into the topic and investigate it. They motivate the writer to discover more about the given topic. This genre of essay writing tends to investigate, explain, clarify, illustrate, and explicate a concept so that it can become more understandable for the readers. 

Expository essays have further been divided into 5 categories:

  • Problem Solution 
  • Cause/ Effect
  • Comparison 
  • Descriptive
  • Process

Argumentative Essays

One of the most important members from the family of essays is argumentative essay. These essays are usually written on a conflicting or argumentative topic. They are written to build up the thinking process of the reader regarding any side of the research paper topics . Argumentative essays are also divided further into three types:

  • Research papers
  • Analysis Essays
  • Personal Essays

Some people think that expository essays are more competitive than argumentative ones. Still, in my personal opinion, both carry equal importance in the writing family, and both are equally valuable in a student’s life. An expository essay motivates a writer to know more about the given topic, however, an argumentative essay lets the writer present and elaborate arguments in a more proper way so that a reader can decide himself what is right and what is wrong.

As I told you earlier, essay writing is not child’s play, and many people fail in writing one. In my 30 years of teaching, I have seen many people who are unable to write fluently and effectively. If you are also one of them or if at any point during your academic life or even in your professional phase, you feel that you are unable to write an essay, you need not worry; help is always there. 

There are people and mentors present for you physically and virtually. You can consult your peers, supervisors, teachers, mentors, or you can take help from the internet. Several websites can assist you in writing your essay. There are a number of websites on which you can get your "words counter for essays" queries answered.You can get your complete essay written, or you can request an outline and an annotated bibliography so that you have an idea of what exactly the demand of the topic is, or what sources would be best for it.

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