Barrier-free showers or walk-ins are becoming increasingly popular and increasingly used in modern bathrooms. These showers are typically installed in combination with a linear shower drain, which offers benefits such as easy cleaning, the use of large tiles, and the single slope to the drain.Using a  linear shower drain offers you many advantages in shower. Think about the design possibilities of using large tiles. Easy cleaning and quick installation thanks to the unique slope are other advantages.

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Quick Install

Traditional shower drains are located in the center of the shower and the tray slopes to a hip towards the drain. Creating that four-sided slope takes much longer and can only be done with small tiles. In contrast, linear shower drains only require a slope to function properly, so they are easier to build and easier to clean.

More comfort, more design

Design is undoubtedly the most important aspect when building or renovating a bathroom. Now everyone wants the bathroom to be a space where they can relax and enjoy a good shower, and open showers fit perfectly with this trend. You can easily  create more space in the bathroom by removing any barriers and extending the bathroom tiles to the shower area. A shower without barriers starts with Easy Drain.

An unobstructed shower

The  barrier-free shower or walk-in shower completely eliminates the need to jump over the bath or shower base because it has no barriers or obstacles. Before, open showers were seen as a practical solution for people with mobility problems, for children or for the elderly. But today an open shower is a perfect addition to any bathroom that's not going to go out of style.

Simple maintenance

A classic shower, like the traditional shower with screen and tray, has parts that are difficult to clean and it is common for moisture to form in the corners that settle easily. An open shower is just the opposite. These spacious showers are typically minimalist in design with few places where water and dirt can collect. If installed correctly, an open shower with a linear drain will drain water faster and more efficiently, resulting in less cleaning and more enjoyment.