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Boyfriend-less on a Saturday night? So what! There are plenty of things you can do solo or with a BFF. And they don’t include sulking about being single, swapping stories about who has the most terrible ex or why girl on girl action might be your best alternative. Instead, embrace your single girl Saturday nights with these fun and fresh ideas, because before you know it, those nights will be booked by some new guy, so enjoy it while it lasts!


1. Celebrate YOU! 

Although it can be tempting to spend lonely Saturday nights berating men, your time and more importantly you sacred energy, is far better spent, honoring yourself. Thus, use your evening to dig deep and extract what you love about you. Consider making a top 10 list of what makes you uniquely awesome or creating an at-home luxury oasis to pamper yourself all night long!


2. Outdoor adventures

Being outside excretes a chemical that boosts our moods and there is no shortage of outdoor activities to participate in that you DON’T need a guy for. Whether it is a concert in the park, a movie on the beach, an evening swim at a swanky hotel pool or an international beer festival, grab a gal pal and go soak up a refreshing breeze and watch your mood lift like magic.


3. Refresh, recreate, renew!

 It’s time to tie up your hair into a ponytail, throw on some sweats and put on some loud girl power anthems, because you are about to get crafty! This Saturday night is devoted to recreating your space. Gather your paintbrushes, stencils, hammer, nails and most importantly your imagination and put it all together to refresh a room of your choosing. No matter if you start small by say painting kitchen chairs or go big my muraling your bedroom, unleashing your creative energy will feel liberating.


4. Volunteer

At night? Yes. The point of volunteering is to get outside of yourself. And you can do that, day or night. Even if you can’t find an organized volunteering event, help out a friend in need, perhaps a friend with a kid who could really use a free babysitter service.


5.  Themed ladies night. 

Grab your best girls and pick a theme to celebrate the night to. Whether it is a taste test theme (think a bake-off, wine or chocolate tasting) or 80s movie night marathon at home, or a flashback to your youth night out, complete with mini golf, bowling and rollerskating, you will undoubtedly have a blast with your best gal pals in tow!

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