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Undoubtedly and undeniably, the Labuan is one of the important offshore locations for all foreign investors who are eagerly interested in giving wings to their business ideas by acquiring the widely spread and liberal opportunities and policies that are impeccably provided by the Labuan jurisdiction. So to get ahead with the business establishments and a smooth functioning of the business activities, the investor should set up a Labuan bank account in order to avail local and international services for their business. But do you know what exactly leads to a successful Labuan bank account opening? Or what exactly do you require in order to go ahead with the opening of the bank account? If not, then read below where we have summarized a few of the most basic information required in the opening of a Labuan bank account and following which can lead you to have a hassle-free corporate bank account in Labuan for your business transactions.

Information Highlighting upon Some Necessary Documents for Opening of a Labuan Bank Account

Soon after you decide to open a Labuan bank account for the processing of your business requirements , it is highly advisable to look upon all the necessary documents and other information required to open a bank account as having the right documents will ease the account opening faster.

  • First collect bank's main forms which ask you to fill all the personal details,

           ownership of the business, nationality and other details like native country etc.

  • Next, you should have several copies of your passport or ID cards that could be given to the bank as an identification.

  • A recommendation from the bank from the native country of residence.

  • Another important thing is to furnish how your business would be run, in other words showing the bank the source of the funds.

  • Also, you need to show some documents as a proof of address and that could be any utility bill or any other document mentioning your address.

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