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Description: Time to challenge your mind with some hard puzzle games for Android, free to download, like Alphabear, Brain It On, Scale, Math Master, and Build A Bridge.

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As a puzzle fan, hard puzzle games for Android are always a top choice for teasing your brain, right?
The BIG issue is that you have no idea of which puzzle game actually challenges you.
Don’t worry too much since we’ve listed down some of the best picks here to help you. 
All you do now is to take a look, find the one you love, and take your brain for a ride!

Top 10 challenging puzzle games for Android

As an original word puzzle game by Spry Fox, Alphabear requires you to spell words by choosing letters on a grid. And when using the letters that are adjacent to each other, bears will appear.


The more letters you avail, the bigger the bear is and the more points you gain.
If your score is high enough, you will get a bear as your permanent reward.
NOTE that,
These bears can be used as powerups in the next levels, giving you perks such as extending the timer, increasing your earned points, decreasing or increasing the letters, etc.
Be careful as the letters can turn into stone and block your bear’s road if they are not used quickly.

Brain It On!
You will never leave for a moment while playing Brain It On!  
Here you are asked to draw shapes in a specific area and set things into motion.
At first, everything seems to be simple such as flipping over a glass. Then it will become harder and harder like launching a ball to the other wall without touching anything.

As you progress through each level in this game (over 200 challenges and puzzles), try to aim for 3 stars as well as collect coins to unlock new levels.

With unique gameplay containing balls and a slicer, Scale is indeed a brain teaser that you should not miss.
Here you need is to cut and shrink the board with floating balls by putting the slicers in the right places.
Make sure you have a strategy to scale the board and at the same time watch out for the ball! It’s because if you touch the ball while making cuts, the game will be over instantly.

Build a Bridge
This free puzzle game for Android will test your improvisation and engineering skills in building a bridge for all kinds of vehicles.
Pick up the best suitable materials for your bridge and then connect the dots to create a firm structure. You also take advantage of hints if things become too hard.
Make sure not to surpass the expected budget, or trouble will come.

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Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain?
With a rating of 4.8 on the Google Play Store, Tricky Test 2 is known as one of the top puzzle games on Android to play with friends.
This game includes a series of tricky questions and absurd solutions that you will never think of. Each query is unique and forces you think outside the box. And if you complete all within 120 minutes, you will be called a GENIUS.
Believe you’re smart enough to beat the test?
This great game will cheer you up - don’t be surprised if you end up laughing at the answers!

Skillz – Logic Brain Games
Among our free puzzle games, Skillz is able to both entertain and train your brain and reflexes.
The primary goal of this game is to finish every level and gather stars (to unlock further levels). Make sure you play as quickly as you possibly can, or the game is over.
It also improves your speed and memory, helps you distinguish between colors, improve your accuracy, and more.
Another interesting thing is that you can enjoy this cool game with your friends or other players thanks to its Multiplayer mode.

Brain Dots
As another not-so-simple cousin of Brain It On, you’re guaranteed not to leave the main screen of Brain Dots until solving all the puzzles here.
The main request is to bump the two balls by drawing lines or shapes freely to move and roll the balls.
Remember that,
The KEY to success is to think flexibly and let your imagination run wild.
Coins will be earned depending on your performance and the more you progress in this game.
Don’t forget to collect new tools such as colorful pens, crayons, etc, to walk through the stages with ease.

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Two Dots
Speaking of another top puzzle game for Android, Two Dots is easy to learn, addictive to play, yet hard to master.
Similar to the original Dots, this game is all about connecting the same dots as much as possible by drawing a line. Additionally, if you group at least four dots to create a shape, you will get a bomb to explode the remaining dots.
With more than 900 levels to scale through, this puzzle game definitively takes your brain for a spin.

Math Master
Continue to challenge your mind with another hard puzzle game on Android, Math Master!
If you love mathematics, you will find no dull moments here.
This game asks you to deal with numerical examples. From there, you can learn how to count in your mind quickly as well as develop your math skills.
It helps to improve logical and abstract thinking, increase IQ, enhance the ability to analyze, sharpen the intellect, etc. With a set of mathematical tasks from simple to complicated, you can find something that is fit to your level.
Try to finish all to gain the best title of “Master of Mathematics.”

With more than 120 levels to overcome, Refraction provides you some frustrating tests of your logic. This game also gives separated and creative levels, a fantastic UI, excellent graphics, and many solutions for casual and hardcore players alike.
Here you will be required to aim to avail mirrors and prisms to divide or combine colored lasers. And at the same time, you need to interact with different environmental objects to complete the puzzles.
By spending hours finding different solutions, you are guaranteed to get entertained all the time.

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Are you ready to challenge your mind?
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