Top free online and offline RPG games on Android for kids

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There are a lot of new role-playing games (RPG games) on Android app stores every day. That is why it may sometimes it can be hard to find the right game for your kids to play.Usually, you would want a role-playing game that is easy to get into and is free to play so your kids can enjoy the entire game easily. The graphics are also an essential criterion for young fans when playing a game. The kids game should have cartoony theme with simple and beautiful colors for the developing of their perception and cognitive skills.

That is why we have tested a lot of role-playing games on the Android platform to give out the list of the best online and offline role-playing game for your kids. They are all suitable for kids that can handle the smartphone and, more importantly, they will give them a lot of enjoyable moments.

Four best online and offline games for kids to play on the Android apk games stores

Power Rangers: All Stars

The young fans will recognize the Power Rangers name. They have been famous on TV shows as well as movies for a very long time. Now the fans can rejoice in the Power Rangers: All Stars game as they are one of the top role-playing game for kids.There are a massive number of power rangers, 50 to be exact, in the game. Each of them possesses different traits and skill sets.

The players can form the ultimate team of Power Rangers and defeat all the evil monsters in the game.One of the most welcomed features is that it is entirely free to play, which makes it suitable role-playing game on Android platform for kids.Nonetheless, the players can also form a squad of 5 vs. 5 in a PVP arena and fight against other teams of real players.There is always something to do in this game. Either it is a dungeon raid or a team battle. The game features lots of levels, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth (even though you won’t have to spend any!).    

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Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG

Hyper Heroes is another top role-playing title for kids on Android game stores, thanks to its cartoony theme.The design of this game is straightforward. The young fans can get used to the smooth controls within a couple of plays.The players can tap or swipe and sling the touch screen to issue an attack move or spell cast to destroy the massive hordes of enemies. After that, there are various rewards and unique objects to be collected.
Hyper Heroes also features turn-based combat, which allows the players a lot of time to plan their attack combos to destroy the opponents completely.Each hero in this game has a unique strength and weakness. They have to be collected throughout the game. Moreover, they have an adorable design with smooth animation, which makes them suitable for kids of young age groups.Not only relying on the offline mode with a lored storyline, Hyper Heroes only includes online PVP battles that let the players invite more friends to join the party.

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Hip Hop Battle - Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash
If you want to have something for your kids to play besides game with the combat system, perhaps Hip Hop Battle will be a brilliant choice for your kids to enjoy the role-playing game of hip-hop dancing.
The central theme of  'Hip Hop Battle - Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash' like its name suggest is the show off dance between boys and girls And what is fun and engaging is that the players can customize their dancers with the latest hip-hop style and new trendy fashion clothes.
The players can choose between a boy team or a girl team in this game. And they do not have to play alone. They can always recruit friends to join their dance crew on the dance floor.
Nonetheless, the most remarkable feature of this game is to let the players choreograph all their hip-hop moves and show them off in the dance battle.Each time the players win a dance battle, there will be rewards to unlock a new dance move. The players can collect all the possible moves in the game, from freestyle to breakdance to make perfect combos in the game.        

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Doctor Veterinarian
A lot of kids dream to become a vet so that they can help animals. Doctor Veterinarian aims to let the kids live out their dream.This free to play role-playing game for kids is just perfect. The graphics are cute and lovely with beautiful and harmonious colors. And the kids get to be the best vet that will take care of the animals in the game.
The primary role of this game is to ventures into the heart of the fairy forest to cure all the animals that are sick and need treatment.Your kids can learn more about helping animals while having fun at the same time. They will learn to give animals medicine to cure their sickness, how to measure their temperature as well how to use bandaids to cover the animal’s wounds.