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Hello, How are you today? Are you looking for funny girl games 10 years old? You really want to find many girl games for 10 years old to have more time to play. We would like to introduce to you all the hottest and latest girls games to play all days. We have the newest Makeover, Decorating and Cooking games for 10-year-old girls out there. They will really help you have more fun and challenges.

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1. Ellie: Get Ready With Me

Ellie: Get Ready WIth Me is one of the hottest online girl games for 10 years old you can play totally free on PC browser and mobile devices. You will have the chance to step into a incredible girl world full of amazing things.

Ellie is the most beautiful girl in the town, so much so that many boys fall in love with her. She looks so fabulous every day, and everyone all has the questions how she does it and what is her secret? Let follow her this morning to find out all her own secrets to make her become a pretty girl. This girl will give you a lot of fashion tips while she does makeup and chooses appropriate clothes. It is 7 a.m in the morning, and she has just woken up. Begin with the makeup part, hairstyle, and the last part is the outfit. The first things after she wakes up is refreshing and moisturizing her skin. Use face wash to clean her face skin after long sleeping hours. Be careful to apply a thin layer around the face and then clean it carefully. Moreover, highlighting the feature with makeup. Apply a cream layer to hide all defects as well as soften the skin. Use foundation to make you shine. After that, you use eyeliner to highlight her eyes and mascara to make her eyebrows longer. When you finish your makeup part, you will move to the hairstyle part to make her hair in shape and change the color. The last part is choosing the outfit. If today is Monday and you have to go to work, pick a white shirt, black skirt, and high heels. Sports outfit will be appropriate with a running day, and a lovely pink dress is for a party. Let’s make her more beautiful than yesterday. You will become the famous fashion stylist for Ellie as well as many girls all over the world. Check it out now.

2. My Perfect Bedroom Decor

Are you a 10 year old girl? Do you want to play free online girl games for 10 years old? We are sure that this game will bring you the most exciting feelings. My Perfect Bedroom Decor is always your best choice when you find a different game.

As we are stepping into the winter- a cold season so that we will spend more time in our house. Let your bedroom to be newer and more comfortable. In this game, Anna, Tiana, Elsa, and Merida decide to redecorate and remodel their bedroom. Can you help them? Make their bedroom as cozy and cute as you can. Your mission is to choose the furniture carpet and decoration for bedrooms.
Let’s start with Anna’s bedroom:  At the bottom of the screen is all the choices in decoration. First, choose the carpets to spread into the floor, and then select the right painting for the wall. Maybe, pink is the best choice in this Anna’s room. A purple, small bed with brown bedsides are suitable for this room. Finally, choose the curtain to make this room warmer. After you finish decorating Anna’s bedroom, move to other girls’ bedroom in this lovely house. In addition, you also help them to replace home clothes and change hairstyle and other. Why don’t you play My Perfect Bedroom Decor right now?

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3. Burger Restaurant Express

Burger Restaurant Express is the best choice in the list of online girl games for 10 years old you can play totally free and online on PC. You also invite your friends to play with to compete with their cooking skills.

Everything can be crazy at Burger Restaurant Express during lunch hour. You are the main character and chef at this food cart. Your mission is to make the best tasty burger for people to get more money to increase your scores and then level up. Firstly, we need to have some freshly made bread. We also need to cook the beef meat and put it in the grill. Bread is ready, let’s place it in the prepared tray. When the meat is ready, take it out before it burns. After you finish making hamburgers, the first client will arrive to taste your food. She may want a burger with ketchup. You drag the ketchup icon into the burger and tap the order to see its ingredients with more detail. The next client will have a salad with his burger so you can serve him as well. You can get more tips if you serve the burger in less time. Get your money to your score to reach the target. If you make any mistakes, or the meat gets burnt, drag it to the trash. You can lose money for your mistakes and then continue cooking. Try to level up to have more recipes, ingredients to make more burger and other food, and upgrade your food cart. Join Burger Restaurant Express now to become te famous burger chef in this town.


You can try all three above free online girl games for 10 years old. They will bring you the chance to become a fashion stylist, a bedroom decorator, and even a chef. You will have totally different feeling when you want to explore the big world outside and learn more about the new knowledge. With each game, you can prove all your skills in the virtual world.

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