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Today, playing games is considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. They always help us to relax and feel more comfortable after stressful working and studying hours. Today, we will introduce you the most addictive free online 3D animal games with no download required.

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1. Horse Simulator 3D

Many of us have a great love for animals, and many of us consider them as our close friends. A lot of animal-based genres have been released, and they always attract a lot of players. If you are looking for a game like that, we will introduce you to Horse Simulator 3D. Horses were one of the most common means of transport in the Middle Ages. Due to the development of technology, they are no longer used as riding animals, but they are still used in sports and many other activities.

Horse Simulator 3D is an extremely addictive free online game where you can control your favorite horse and start the journey on a beautiful island. To win the game, you have to overcome many challenges and missions in the game. You must find a female horse to mate and give birth, fight the other horses, decorate your house, and fight against carnivores. Predators can attack you and your family members, so you must use your fighting skills to protect yourself and your family. Unlike other games, the game offers a wide variety of animals including wildlife such as wolves, tigers, lions and other animals such as chickens, pigs, dogs, etc. The game also offers an opportunity for players to experience various landscape such as hills, rivers, lakes, delta, etc. The 3D graphics and the authentic movements of the characters in the game always give players the most enjoyable experience.

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2. Dragon World

Dragons are non-existent creatures, but they always appear in the fairy tales or myths of countries around the world. They are often described as vicious animals and represent the dark forces. Images of dragons with the ability to breathe fire always leave a very strong impression on the audience. If you are looking for an online simulation game where you can control a dragon to fight with other dragons, Dragon World is one of the most excellent free 3D games for you. Your dragon possesses a pair of strong wings and a cool appearance. You will undoubtedly be impressed with its looks and power from the very first moment you play this game. The context of the game is a modern city where there is a lot of fighting among dragons. Only strength, ingenuity, and the right tactics will keep you alive until the last minute. Although your dragon has a massive body, he can move extremely nimbly; it can fly as light as the birds in the sky. Your enemies always surround and attack you from different directions, and if you are not careful, the fireballs from the sky will fall on your head, and you will die. You have to observe everything to avoid fireballs from enemies and to position them to make the right attacks. This is an online multiplayer game, so you have to work with your teammates to kill as many enemies as possible. Dragon World offers players many different fighting maps, which helps the player not feel bored.

3. Dinosaur Simulator: Dino World

Dinosaurs are considered one of the most powerful animals on Earth. Although they went extinct millions of years ago, the appeal of dinosaur-related games has never declined. One of the most ferocious dinosaurs is T Rex. If they survived, they would be a nightmare for even the bravest people. Have you ever dreamed of riding a dinosaur who wreaked havoc on the streets? In addition to T Rex, you can also control some of the other dinosaurs. The context of the game is a rural area, which is being attacked by dinosaurs. You will be a dinosaur, and your mission is to just destroy everything that you see, including cars, trees and other things you see. High-resolution 3D graphics along with live sound are probably the most highly regarded aspects of Dinosaur Simulator: Dino World. This is not a fighting game, so you can do everything you want without fear of enemy retaliation. The extraordinary power of the dinosaurs will destroy everything on the road, including the most solid houses. Dinosaur Simulator: Dino World provides players with a lot of different levels for them to express all of their skills and talent. This is not just a game of entertainment, it is also a treasure of knowledge, helping you improve your understanding of the dinosaurs. After the game, you can remember the names of some prehistoric dinosaurs. Why do not you turn on the computer and play Dinosaur Simulator: Dino World right now?

4. The Little Fox

Fox is one of the most intelligent animals in the world, but it is also a very devious animal. So,  foxes are often compared to bad things, but The Little Fox will change the minds of many people about this animal. The character in this free online game is an adorable fox with extraordinary running ability. You will make the little fox overcome many difficult challenges in the game. If you have ever played some 3D running games like Subway Surfer or Temple Run, The Little Fox will be an excellent choice for you. You have to manipulate him gently to overcome the obstacles and bumpy terrains. Control is probably the hardest part of this game, which is a challenge for even the most professional gamers. You have to control him constantly changing direction because you will face many curved bends. Only a small error will also cause you to lose the game. All the challenges in the game are hard to overcome, and only your concentration and skills will help you to accomplish them. You have to collect as many gems as possible, they can help you buy many different items. At higher levels, if you lose the game, you can restart the game at levels that you have completed. This is an excellent online game for you to waste your time. You can enjoy it right now on PC without downloading.

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Here are one of the most appealing games for you to kill time with your friends and relatives

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