Action games are always some of the best free online games of all time. The plot of the game is very diverse, players often receive specific instructions on the topic of action and are then assigned goals to achieve. When playing these games, players can improve some useful skills, or even gain basic knowledge of history by playing some action games with relevant content about the history of the world as an example. Or, the practice is reflexively fastened to some action-packed action games, etc. Nowadays, in combination with other types of game genres such as puzzle or adventure, the list of classic action games are becoming more attractive and varied for us to play on website and PC browsers.

Here are some of the most popular free online action games on the website ever that are favoured by players all over the world.

1. Sinjid

Sinjid - one of the classic free online action games with a great storyline, all of the actions in the game are consistent with the game plot, making the player get a rare classic saga feeling in the current action game series. The story tells of Sinjid who was thrown into jail for more than seven years in an unjust way after Master Fujin's death. After seven years of suffering from many pains in prison, with a request from Masaru, he acquires freedom by accepting to become an assassin. An epic ninja story about the guy named Sinjid begins from now!

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You will start the game after selecting your character class; each character group has different attack and defence abilities. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to help him move and jump over the objects and attack the opponents. Each time you level up, the game will provide one more point for your character's skills and when you have enough points to unlock new upgrades and abilities.

Overall, this is actually one of the most impressive free online action games with stunning graphics and fantastic character images of an old Japan. Let's visit the world of Sinjid - a real ninja with many best overkills online.

2. Legend of the Void 2: The Ancient Tomes

Welcome to a world of robbers, skeletons, and wolves waiting for the chance to strike you suddenly in Legend of the Void 2: The Ancient Tomes - one of top listed free online action games. Legend of the Void 2 is the next new release after the success of the previous version, where you will be doing your missions to survive at all cost in this world. At the start of the game, you will realise that you have been abandoned in the world of the Void. One day, Rogan - your companion - has disappeared, and you need to take a solitary journey through many types of terrains to collect as many treasures as possible. Besides, you will undoubtedly encounter the enemy, so be smart and wise in choosing counter attacks or choose just to run away! The battles are based on turns, and you just need to click and select the appropriate skills you want to use to counterattack. All the skills need a certain amount of points and cash to unlock and reach the superpower.

In conclusion, Legend of the Void 2 is actually one of top best free online games played on the website Manti Games that has attracted a lot of players. From the context to the story of the game, the list of characters and widgets make us feel that there is a vast world to be explored. Let's discover the uniqueness of Legend of the Void 2 - one of the best online action games of all time!

3. Armor Mayhem

There is a futuristic world in Armor Mayhem - one of the best free online action games that big fans should not ignore. In this future, most of the world's fuel supplies have dried up, and large corporations have sent faceless marine teams to travel to other dimensions with the mission of exploring new energy sources. Ultimately, all efforts had paid off when they landed successfully on a planet filled with unobtanium known as the most precious energy source. Immediately, the competition between countries broke out and as a commander, you have to lead his space marines to attack and counter the raid of the enemy. In addition, the game will offer many sceneries to transform into different battle locations with a list of weapons and vehicles around your site. Moreover, you can constantly move around space thanks to emergency teleport points.  

Armor Mayhem is an inspirational combination of strategic action and shooting. The levels in the game are designed to be very impressive with a variety of difficulty to challenge the player. The most prominent of these is the investment in the construction of a range of useful and diverse arsenal of truck pickups. In addition, the graphics in the games are really clean that players can not leave the computer screen for a while!

4. Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2 offers interesting gameplay with a constructive story. Gamers will be able to access unlimited equipment in the arsenal to deal with those scary zombies. The game contains the list of various stages and hidden object for gamers to discover. Each stage has unique gameplay and objectives to avoid overlapping; it is effective to give players a fresh way to approach the story.

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Moreover,  Zombotron 2 does not demand complex control; gamers can show off their full play styles in different situations. The game has been updated from the last version to satisfy players from various aspects. The graphics are still following the traditional free online action game, but it has its speciality. Zombotron 2 is one of the best free online action games to play on website and PC right away.

5. Paladog

For a millennium, the human has evolved, developed, and grown their civilisation. However, devils are lurking in the shadows to find a chance to drown Earth in fire once again. And when there is no more room in hell, the dead walk the earth. Billions of undead gathered, and they were once the most powerful race, who rule the Earth. They declared war on Critters. Unfortunately, Critters have been living such a peaceful life; they would never expect a war to break out at any time. Many Critters cannot fight back and perished in the flow of undead humans. However, wherever darkness rises, there is light. A paladin has come to save the land of Critters, and he is of the same race. People called him Paladog, and from that time darkness is fading into light.

Paladog allows gamers to take part in as a mighty paladin of Critters to end the evil deeds of that undead. The graphics are attractive with the list of best flashy movements to enhance battle effects. Gamers are following the story of Paladog to drive back the force of hell and regain peace to Critterland. This is a true definition of the best free online action games, and highly recommended for your website.