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Have you ever played strategy games, we will provide the list of top free online strategy games on your browser.

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1. Battle for the Galaxy
War related games are always in the top most played games in the world. Battle for the Galaxy is a highly recommended online game for web browser you can play if you are a fan of these games. You will participate in a fierce struggle between the races of many planets in the galaxy. You will be a talented general and take control of your army to fight against other troops. When you start playing the game, you will have to collect resources to construct your buildings and train your army. Headquarter is the first construction you have to build; then you have to create other buildings. Arranging the buildings in the right place will help you bring the highest combat effectiveness. When you have the army, you can deploy soldiers and relax; they will automatically fight against the enemy. Defeating the enemy to help you get money, it will help you upgrade weapons with higher damage. The high-resolution 3D graphics of the game will surely overwhelm the players, giving them an unforgettable experience. Sound effects are also one of the most impressive points of the game. Tactics and calculations are the keys to be the winner in Battle for the Galaxy. The game offers players the chance to battle with many other players in the world. Battle for the Galaxy is the best strategy game you can find on the Internet.

2. Throne Defender

The empire building games always attract a lot of gamers because they force the player to brainstorm a lot to devise tactics to defeat the enemy. Thorns Defender is one of the best free online strategy games for browser, if you are willing to spend many hours playing these games. Throne Defender has the same content and gameplay as Battle for the Galaxy, but it still has the unique features. To start the game, you have to build the elixir collector first. You have to click on the green checkmark to construct the project, you do not need to worry if you do not know what to do, the instruction will help you. Upgrading works will help them have better strength and endurance. The buildings of Throne Defender are very diverse, including gold mine, gold storage, elixir collector, wall, rocket launcher, turret, machine gun, army camp, barrack. Barracks and army camps help you train soldiers to capture other empires. Using bombs will help you to destroy walls more easily. When you attack an enemy, you have to pay attention to their turrets; they are the most dangerous, carelessness can cause you to lose. Turn on your PC and enjoy Throne Defender, it will definitely make you satisfied.

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3. VI Defenders

Are you hunting strategy games where you can show your defending ability? VI Defenders is a game on browser you should not miss. This is a deathmatch, where you must kill all enemies before they kill you. You must arrange your troops in the best locations to protect your tower. Your enemies are brutal monsters, and they always attack you, if you are not careful, you will be killed by them. The weapons in the game are varied, including bows and guns. Besides, VI Defenders also provides players with maps and heroes so they can show off their fighting skills and ingenuity. Your troops can automatically fight, but controlling them will bring you higher combat effectiveness.

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4. The King of Towers

The King of Towers is one of the most impressive online strategy games for browser that we recommend you play. The scene of the game is a bloody battle between your kingdom and evil monsters. Your mission is to construct many buildings to shield the monster waves. They press an attack on you, so you have to concentrate on the game absolutely to deal with them. You have to build and arrange buildings cleverly to kill as many enemies as possible. To construct a building, you have to choose the building you want to develop and put it in the right place. The King of Towers offers you four different works to defend your fortress including mega, cannon, arrows and barracks. They have different damage and characteristics, so you must use them in the appropriate cases to win the game. You have to follow instructions to make things easier. Concentration, ingenuity, and right tactics are critical to defeat your enemies and win the game. The feeling of defeating others will surely leave you an unforgettable impression in your mind. Don’t hesitate anymore, open your PC and check out for free now.

5. Bridge Tactics 2

If you've ever seen a war movie, you cannot forget the sight of soldiers placing bombs at enemy positions to destroy them. If you are looking for a game like this, Bridge Tactics 2 is one of the most excellent online strategy games for you. To win the Bridge Tactics 2, your task is to install some explosives in some locations in the game to destroy as many enemies as possible. The gameplay seems to be easy, but to win is quite difficult. You have to use a lot of gray matter to think of the right solution to kill the enemy. Placing the bomb in the correct position will help you destroy the entire enemy unit. Bridge Tactics 2 provides daytime and nighttime modes for players to have the best experience possible. Every time you win, you will get points and bonuses, these can be considered as one of the great motivation for the player. At each round, you will have to complete different missions to win. Although Bridge Tactics 2 has a simple way of playing and graphics, it still attracts thousands of players and always receives positive feedback and comments from the gaming community.

These games are one of the most addictive free online strategy games you must play on the browser now.

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