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Hi, guys! It’s us again! Manti Games is here to bring you all of the latest, hottest and sometimes craziest free online games of all time. How are you doing? It’s time to find some good games to relieve stress. Today we will review puzzle games - one of the most played game genres. So what makes this game genre so appealing? Firstly, their gameplay is often addictive since you feel excited trying to solve all the puzzles in those games. Secondly, by playing these games, people can test their brain or sometimes prove everyone else how smart they are. But the reasons aren’t important, right? All we need now is just a list of the best free online games of this genre to try. Don’t worry because we’re here for you. We’ve collected some great puzzle games only for you to check out and we can’t wait to show you. Why don’t we explore right now! Let’s go!

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Snail Bob 8

Snail Bob games are probably the most popular puzzle games so far. You can see people all around the world playing this game in their free time. And one thing for sure is that they all love the games. Snail Bob 8 can be considered the most successful sequel of these games series. So what is the key to the success of this game? The most significant factor that makes the game so addictive is the gameplay. Although this is a point-and-click game, that doesn’t mean it is boring. In this game you have to help Bob - a poor little snail - to overcome all the challenges and find the way back home.

In the game, you have control Bob to move in the right direction since the only thing he knows is to keep moving forward. Click on Bob to stop him when you see the traps threatening him. Click to Boost Speed to make him move faster in some situations. You also have to click on some buttons or levers to make a safe way for Bob to scrawl. One more important task you have to do in this game is to find the stars. You can get high scores only after you collect all of the stars in each stage.

The graphics of the games are so cute that you can’t even get angry when you lose a stage. All our little buddy wants is just to catch some fish and have a fun journey. But now he gets lost in an island full of traps and tremendous monsters. Once you start this awesome free online puzzle games, you can’t help playing it all day. Play now to take care of Bob!

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Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a really fun puzzle game that you have to be very creative if you want to win it. What does an empty glass need? You have guessed right! It needs to be filled with water. In this cute game, you need to do everything to make sure that this sensitive glass is filled with pure water.

The gameplay is creative itself since you have to use your drawing skills to create a path so the water can flow into the glass. But the game will get harder and harder because there will be obstacles preventing you to complete your missions. The position of the glass and the water tap are something you need to pay attention to because you will need to think of several ways to spill water and fill the glass. If you spill too much water, you will have to replay. Also if you fill the glass with too little water, you will also lose the game. The best part is that there are 100 levels for you to test your creativity and intelligence.

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So what do you need to win the game? The significant thing is before you decide to draw any lines, think and rethink several times! With only one mistake you have to play again and again. Play this free online puzzle game with your creativity, and you will have a really fun gaming time. The game is developed for relaxation, so don’t get angry when you can’t finish some levels. Just take a deep breath and maybe a crazy idea will come to your mind and help you to complete the mission.

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Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple

When it comes to puzzle games, we can’t forget to mention Fireboy and Watergirl - the excellent free online game series which drives gamers all around the world crazy. So why do people love this game series so much? There’s no better answer than playing one of the best sequel - Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple. 

Fireboy and Watergirl have overcome thousands of challenges, but this time they have to face the trickiest puzzles in the Forest Temple. Even people who have never tried Fireboy and Watergirl games before must know the fact that fire and water can’t mix. If Fireboy touches water, he will be destroyed. And Watergirl will die if she touches fire. One thing you need to pay attention to in this game is the map shape. You’ll have to think of different tactics to get through a level safely. Grab as many diamonds as possible so you’ll have high scores. Sometimes you will have to complete tough missions such as control both Fireboy and Watergirl at the same time.

The game control is simple. You use arrow keys to move Fireboy and A, W, S, D to move Watergirl. Play the game with caution and don’t lose focus! Any wrong move can make you replay the game. It is totally free to play this awesome online puzzle games so turn on your computer or mobile and try it right now!

Puzzle games are the perfect choices for anyone who is looking for free online games to train their thinking abilities or test their IQ. Actually, we don’t have to be so smart to play these games because at the end of the day games are made to make us happy. Don’t hesitate! It’s time to play the best puzzle games!

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