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Burrito Bison Revenge

This is a onlinegame that thousands of gamers all over the world love. The gameplay is quite simple. All you need to use is click the mouse. In this fun free game you play as a huge athlete trying to beat all the bisons. Sounds a bit violent, right? But graphics of the game will soon satisfy you. To be honest this game is so cute that we can’t even resist. Control your mouse to make sure that your athlete fly far enough and hit as many bisons as possible. You can earn money through rounds to upgrade your character. There’s no doubt that this is an highly addictive game. Once you start the game you will want to play it more and more to have higher scores. If you want to find a great game to kill time, Burrito Bison Revenge won’t let you down.

Doodle God

Doodle God is a hot puzzle game you should try at least once. And believe us one time isn’t enough for you to explore this game. You start the game with simple elements such as fire, water, wind, yin - yang and earth. You have to combine these elements to create new elements. At first you’ll find this free game quite easy. All you have to do is just combine any elements together. No, no, it’s not that simple. There’re elements that you can’t combine. You’ll soon realize it’s really difficult to know if you have missed some combination or not. The gameplay, as you can see, is quite easy but really interesting. It requires you to think carefully and creatively at the same time. You can also find tips on the Internet to help you when you feel stuck. A lot of free online game lovers have confirmed that this game is one of the best games they’ve ever played. How about you? Why don’t you try the game right now and tell us what you think of it.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers takes place in a fantasy world. As a defense game, what you have to do in this free game is build up barracks and artillery and use hero units, mages, archers and more to defend your own kingdom from monsters. The mages in the game can use magic such as meteorites calling - It’s cool, right? Also you can upgrade towers by killing as many monsters as possible. Don’t let any monster come into your tower. You’ll lose the battle if you let too many monsters run into your home. Upgrading the skills of your heroes is something you need to be aware of. The locations where you place your fortification are an essential part of this game. Make sure that you have placed them in a smartest way to sweep all the monsters away. This hot game is absolutely one of the best free online strategy game now. Try it now if you’re a fan of defense games.


This is a fascinating game for anyone who love driving and racing games. Long narrow roads in the games will make you feel excited. Moreover you have to drive your car incredibly fast. So if you’re a speed lover, this game will definitely satisfy you. Controlling your car in this free game isn’t a easy thing to do. Keep your eyes open because accidents can happen any moment due to the dangerous roads and extremely high speed. Obstacles on the road appear unexpectedly, so drive carefully! You can get higher scores by collecting gold coins. The graphics and sound design of this free online game are outstanding. The gameplay is quite easy. All you need to do is just driving your car, avoiding the obstacles and get to the finish line. But you can believe us, this hot racing game is a good option if you want to kill time with a good game.

X3M 4

X3M games are loved by thousands of gamers all over the world, but X3M 4 is one of the best version of these series. You may have tried a lot of driving and racing bike games but we bet that X3M 4 still can impress you with its gameplay and graphics. We can say that gameplay of this free game super addictive. In the game you race against the clock and overcome all the deadly traps and pitfalls. All the stages are challenging but the followings are always tougher. For those people who love challenges this hot game is really satisfying. You can find a lot of good car racing game, but it’s not easy to find a good bike game like X3M 4. So don’t hesitate and try this awesome online game immediately.

Fireboy and Watergirl 5

Fireboy and Watergirl 5 is a difficult puzzle game with no checkpoints. In this game you have to control Fireboy and Watergirl to overcome all the hardest challenges. But it’s always hard to avoid all the traps in this game because Fireboy can’t touch water and Watergirl will die if she touches fire. This free game can drive you insane but it’s a great choice for anyone who is seeking for toughest challenges. But maybe you’ll feel a bit annoyed because there’s no reset button in this game. Once you lose a game, you’ll have to start over. You’d better play carefully in this tricky puzzle game. Not only have to play skillfully, you need to think of the smartest way to pass every stage. This hot online game is worth playing, so why don’t you turn on your PC and give it a try right now?

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