Sometimes when you are browsing the internet using Chrome, you will start getting the error saying can’t provide a secure connection. Further, you will see the error code as ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. In such cases, you can try one of the following methods to make remove this error and start during the internet again. 



#1 Check date and time 

The first reason why most of the people will be facing this problem might be due to the wrong date and time of your system. You can simply check it from the taskbar and change it if the clock is not in time.  


#2 Clear browsing data 

The other reason why you might be seeing this error is because of the browsing data. You can simply clear your history and the cookies and it will be solved. Sometimes, the browser loads the data from the cache memory and hence you might be seeing the error. You can simply press Ctrl + shift + delete in chrome and clear the data.  


#3 Clear SSL State 

This might be a little complicated, you will have to open the Chrome and hit the 3 dots that are shown on the top right corner. You will see the settings option. Click on it and scroll down to the advanced options. When you have opened the advanced options, you will see “Open proxy settings” button. Click on it and you will see a popup there. From there, you can simply click on clear SSL state and you will be all done with clearing the SSL state.  


#4 Disable QUIC 

Google has various experimental features that are turned on which might show some errors. You can simply go to chrome and paste the following URL without quotes on the address bar “chrome://flags/#enable-quick”. There you will see the option where the EXPERIMENTAL QUIC PROTOCOL will be enabled. You can simply disable it from the drop down many.