Looking far, Pass Sam Cyprus is like a giant shield is surrounded, in the heart of the land embraces Ngoc Chien in Vietnam. Sam means 30 floors Cypriot mountain slopes, it is also the path leading to the road on the land itself that protect and preserve the mysteries of human nature as well as here. Flickers of smoke crept into the air, radiating through the sticky tile, wood Po Mu bold flavor that has been attached to the skin away life reclamation and establishment of the Thai industry on this land. Behind the top of Sam Cyprus Vietnam is thousands of houses completely built wooden Po Mu has more than 100 years old history. Po Mu homes over the years, through many lines of people, pieces of "tiles" Po Mu longtime black blaze remains sustainable over time, ratings are eight episodes. There are roofs, thick dust on the time slot the wood forming an ideal place for growing plants are teaching. Po Mu wood sawing is not used, if the leak from the roof sawn leaking down, only to go away. Must be split up into alternating knife, then use wooden wedges each sheet separated the grain of wood, such as the new user is ever without risk of damage. Making "tiles" Wooden Po Mu is also a work meticulously.
The roof was thatched wooden closely rare Po Mu where his father created, such as the production of animal preserve that precious gift for their mountains. Winding country roads, twisty, helped calm weather, cool as cover for the little people here. People here are awfully friendly, gentle like the thousands here so great. Amid the "sacred forest toxic water" branch flowers bloom dotted season faintly fragrant, healing hot springs Steam translucent and sticky but quiet contemplation. Discover the new Po Mu see the unique architecture, the first patterned beam, truss columns carved quite sophisticated. People here with brilliant costumes always thoughtful, considerate tourists to visit, so life went on, slowly but very gently.
Besides, when the next version, to enjoy the last of the delicious things sticky rice paddies tan Ngoc Chien rhombic. This gift is for the more delicious glutinous rice brother Tu Le, at unparalleled. Not only to attract tourists to visit here in  Vietnam visa application and in the marvelous landscape, pristine, charming scenery, the Po Mu is also inhabited by the Mongolian, Thai. Life still has elements of self-sufficiency, all by growers, farming should be very fresh items.
The women here too, they bring the beauty of a great forest of thousands Po Mu. So when the next version, do not forget the hot spring baths and check in with the colored roof Po Mu time.