The beauty of Urdu has been charming us for years now.

Urdu was relevant, poignant and beautiful even before the age of netizens, remixes and EDM, and it still manages to find ardent lovers.

We may actively seek out Urdu works and devour them now, but there were certain poets and their popular works, that first allowed us to discover the magic of this language. 

Not many of us may have stumbled to search meanings of words, or understand the true beauty of Urdu expressions, had these people and their works not made the language popular. 

These poets infused Love Shayari expressions and words seamlessly into lyrics, ghazals and shayaris, making them not only easier to understand, but also enabling us to slowly fall in everlasting love with the language. 

So here is a list of poets of different eras, who have been a major reason why we fell in love with the language in the first place.

1. Mirza Ghalib

Ghalib's prominence in Urdu poetry can never be disregarded. It is difficult to pick one poem or shayari from the numerous gems that he has gifted us, and the beauty of his poetry is that the emotions expressed in his couplets are still relatable. 

2. Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Faiz Ahmad Faiz and his work truly touches the human heart. He evokes emotions because his Urdu poetry is rarely without an accompanying haunting quality of pain. If there is someone who understands loss of love, it has to be Faiz saab. 

3. Gulzar

The extent of Gulzar's excellence as a poet, lyricist and writer can never be mapped. Gulzar adapted his writing with the changing times, but the capability to evoke human emotions was and will always be the cornerstone of all his works. Picking a single song to represent him is impossible, but this work comes pretty close. 

4. Javed Akhtar

It can be easily said that Javed Akhtar honed his craft as much as he inherited it, considering his  parents were also excellent writers and poets. But it's the simplicity of his works that make them so memorable. 

5. Ada Jafri

Regarded as the "The First Lady of Urdu Poetry", Ada Jafri managed to express herself at a time when the society was especially conservative towards women in poetry. She has mostly written ghazals and her works were an expression of her experiences as a wife and mother. 

6. Firaq Gorakhpuri

Firaq Gorakhpuri was the pen name of eminent poet and writer Raghupati Sahay. A noted poet, most of his work came into creation during his tenure as an English lecturer in Allahabad University. However, the relevance of his work is not bound by time. 

7. Sahil Ludhianvi 

Popularly known as Sahir, Sahil Ludhianvi was an amazing Urdu poet, who also penned some classic songs for Bollywood. His work is still remembered, and oft recited, by budding poets and admirers alike. 

8. Bashir Badr

Bashir Badr, who was a prominent Urdu poet, spent a large majority of his adult life as a lecturer at Aligarh University. With more than 7 collections of Urdu poems, his understanding of the language and excellence of craft can never be questioned. 

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