Mindtalk is an interest meet-up space that simplifies people to share and connect with others based on the same interest.Mindtalk doesn't only provide an easy way to find and create your own crowd, but also simpler and faster interaction for its users.Have some ideas or information about something you like but you don’t know how to tell it and with whom to share it? Try Mindtalk, don’t just keep it to yourself!
Yes! Anyone can sign up for a free mindtalk account.
With a free account, you can:
- Create channel and gather your own crowd.
- Post anything interesting (Text, Photo, or Video) and response to other users' posts.
Basically there are two ways to register for Mindtalk:
1. Start New
To create a fresh Mindtalk account you can simply:
1. Click Register box above the Mindtalk homepage (www.mindtalk.com)
2. Complete the registration form Or, you can simply register with your Facebook or Twitter account. Register with your Facebook and Twitter account will speed up the registration process.

Please remember that once you choose your username, it can’t be changed.
After completing the registration, Mindtalk will send a verification code to your email or your phone number. Then, use the code to verify your account.
Now it’s time to explore your interest! You can login to your account by clicking Login box at the top of Mindtalk homepage. Just type your username and password or just simply login with your Facebook or Twitter account by clicking the logo.